O Prof. Dr. Daniel Foucher ministrará nesta quarta-feira, 19/11/14 às 10h

18/11/2014 07:43

O Prof. Dr. Daniel Foucher (em sabática em nosso Departamento desde setembro/14), ministrará nesta quarta-feira, 19/11/14 às 10h, a palestra abaixo. Todos estão convidados. O professor deixará o Brasil na próxima semana, portanto os interessados em colaboração terão mais essa oportunidade.

Stretching Science: Conducting Research at the Interface

Dr. Daniel Foucher, Ryerson Center for Advanced Materials

Today’s scientist must possess an extensive working knowledge of multiple disciplines and research fields in order to identify, discover and potentially solve real world challenges in science, medicine, or engineering. A significant number of these challenges and their solutions lie at the interfaces of science disciplines. To operate effectively there, we must learn the fundamentals that stretch our own expertise into new and unfamiliar fields to us such as cellular biology, polymer physics, or mechanical engineering for example. In doing so, we make our scientific studies relevant, fundable and for those of you who wish to work in these fields, employable knowledge workers for industry and academia who think outside the box.

My talk will explore three current case examples from my own research (Antimicrobial nanocoatings, Green Resins from Lignin, Ballistic composites for security vests), to highlight how working at the interphase (nanochemistry/microbiology, chemistry/polymer, polymer/mechanical engineering) has helped shaped the focus of the curiosity driven research I undertake.