Disciplina SEMINÁRIO – 4º seminário

05/04/2017 08:19

Disciplina SEMINÁRIO



Presença obrigatória para alunos matriculados na disciplina. Convidam-se os demais interessados.

Seminário 4


Title: Fully Conjugated Macrocycles by Perkin Reactions – Towards Graphene Nanobelts

 Dr. Harald Bock do Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal
Abstract: We have in the last years developed the condensation of arylglyoxylic acids with arylacetic acids, followed by cyclization of the resulting diarylmaleate, as an efficient way to build up diester- or imide-functionalized polycyclic arenes. The elaboration and use of bifunctional building blocks, i.e. arylene-diglyoxylic and -diacetic acids, allows access not only to a variety of columnar liquid-crystalline dyes, but also opens perspectives towards helicenic, ribbon-type and macrocyclic aromatic structures. Amongst the latter, our ultimate targets are graphene nanobelts such as cyclophenacenes, i.e. carbon nanotubes that are shorter than wide.