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20/04/2017 11:35


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DATA: 02/06/2017 (sexta-feira)


LOCAL: Auditório do Departamento de Química – CFM


TÍTULO: Organocatalytic Asymmetric Synthesis of Quaternary α-Aminophosphonates, Sulfones and Carboxylates.

PALESTRANTE: Irishi N N Namboothiri ( Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai 400 076, )

 RESUMO: Synthesis of enantiopure compounds is conveniently achieved by various catalytic asymmetric approaches. Since aminophosphonate moiety mimics the tetrahedral transition state of carboxylate in peptide bond hydrolysis, catalytic asymmetric approaches to synthesis of aminophosphonates is an attractive objective. Similarly, since sulfone is an easily amenable functional group and many sulfone based drugs are currently available in the market, asymmetric synthesis of aminosulfones is also of considerable interest. Asymmetric synthesis of α-aminophosphonates, aminosulfones and aminocarboxylates, bearing a tetrasubstituted α-chiral center, has been achieved in our laboratory via Michael addition of various phosphonates, sulfones and esters to electron deficient alkenes such as vinyl ketones, vinyl sulfones and acrylates in the presence of chiral thiourea and squaramide organocatalysts.