24/04/2017 14:45
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DATA: 01 / 06 /2017
HORÁRIO: 16:00
LOCAL: Anfiteatro do Departamento de Química
TÍTULO:  Overcoming Challenges in Quinone-Based Chemistry
PALESTRANTE: Prof. Eufrânio da Silva Júnior (Departamento de Química - UFMG)
RESUMO: Our group has developed practical methods for design, synthesize and optimize new heterocyclic compounds with a broad range of biological applications. In this context, we revealed the synthesis and biological evaluations (e.g. bioimaging, cellular uptake and dynamics in living cells) of new fluorescent heterocyclic compounds, which have allowed visualizing the whole endocytic pathway and selective cellular staining of lipid-based structures, that is, lipid inclusions in the cytosol. In addition, modular synthesis via organocatalysis of diverse naphthoquinones and selenium-containing quinone-based triazoles possessing two redox centres, with trypanocidal and antitumor activities were recently described by our group. This lecture will present a combination of strategies in Medicinal Chemistry and synthetic methodologies, as for instance, transition metal  catalysed C-H activation for the synthesis of bioactive compounds. The development of reactions that produces in a single step highly antitumor naphthoquinoidal compounds will be presented, along with recently developed iodination processes. Strategies and reactions to prepare fluorescent probes for alkaline metals and bioimaging studies will be also discussed.