5º Seminário – obrigatório

21/09/2017 07:53

Presença obrigatória para alunos matriculados na disciplina. Convidam-se os demais interessados.


Data: 22/09/2017

Horário: 10:10

Local: Auditório do departamento de química


Título: How to get your paper published: an editor perspective.

Palestrante: Dr. Gianluca Li Puma (Chemical and Environmental Engineering at Loughborough University and leads)



Gianluca Li Puma is Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at Loughborough University and leads "Environmental Nanocatalysis and Photoreaction Engineering" research in the fields of photocatalysis, environmental nanocatalysis, advanced oxidation processes, environmental applications, solar energy conversion and solar engineering. He is Editor of "Journal of Hazardous Materials" (Elsevier), Associate Editor of "Journal of Advanced Oxidation Technologies" and "International Journal of Photoenergy" and Member of the scientific/organizing committees of many international conferences in solar chemistry, photocatalysis and environmental applications (e.g., ACS Environmental, SPEA-7, TiO2-17, AOT-18,  EAAOP-2, IWA,  XENOWAC 2009 and others). He was also co-chairman of the 19th International Conference on Advanced Oxidation Technologies (San Diego, USA, 2013) and ACS Environmental Division Symposium on AOTs for removal of emerging contaminants (New Orleans, 2013). He is an International Scientific Advisory for NIREAS-International Water Research Center, Nicosia, Cyprus. He received the E.ON AG (Germany) Research Award on application of nanotechnology in the energy sector with a 920,000 Euro "Solar-Hydrogen" project on solar photoconversion of waste to hydrogen fuel.