Seminário – EXTRA

16/11/2017 16:34
  • Local: Sala PG2, Subsolo do Departamento de Química - UFSC
  • Data : 21/11/2017
  • Horário de Início: 10:00Título: Bonding in Superatoms and Molecules made from. Analogs to Atoms and Simple Molecules and Related Concepts

    Palestrante: Alvaro Muñoz-Castro


    Recently, it has been shown that the superatom concept is intimately connected to relevant tools of great chemical significance, such as the Lewis structure model and the VSEPR theory, which has been employed to understand hybridized and dimeric-like molecules.1,2 This suggests a rational construction of superatomic clusters mimicking more complex structures. Here, we extend the application of another relvant concept in chemistry to the superatomic clusters, which allows to modelate a novel D6h-Au42 isomer resembling to cyclic aromatic molecules.3 It is shown that the Hückel (4n+2)? rule is ready to be applied, predicting aromatic behavior latterly supported by the favorable evaluation of the induced shielding cone formation. In addition, the concentric bonding is addresses, as a useful tool to characterize the electronic vs geometrical structure relationship.