Prof. Dr. Faruk Jose Nome Aguilera


Field: Química Orgânica  Faruk
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Phone: 48 3721-4532
Office: QMC 227 (sala)   e 312 (laboratório)
Research group: Laboratório de Catálise e Fenômenos Interfaciais - LACFI

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Current Research
Catalysis and Mechanisms of Organic Reactions in Solution: Basically our group is devoted to the development of catalyst for hydrolysis of carboxylic, sulphuric and phosphoric esters, and also of amides derived from organic compounds. We seek to develop specific catalysts for the hydrolysis of nucleic acids, amides and esters of biological interest and, fundamentally, to contribute to the understanding of enzymatic catalysis and organic reactions in solution.

Effect of colloidal aggregates and artificial enzymes on organic reactions in solution: Together with the mechanistic studies in solution, the effect of dendrimers, functional polymers and of anionic, cationic, neutral and zwitterionic micelles is also investigated, analysing not only the rate but also the equilibrium of organic reactions. The change in reactivity due to the incorporation of substrates in these colloidal systems and in the presence of dendrimers and functional polymers is evaluated in quantitive terms and kinetic models are formulated to explain the catalysis due to the effects of "compartmentalization" and changes in polarity.


Selected Research Publications
1)     Kirby, Anthony J. ; Nome, Faruk. Fundamentals of Phosphate Transfer. Accounts of Chemical Research, v. 48, p. 1806-1814, 2015.

2)   Souza, F. D.; Souza, B. S.; Tondo, D. W.; Leopoldino, E. C.; Fiedler, H. D.; Nome, F. Imidazolium-Based Zwitterionic Surfactants: Characterization of Normal and Reverse Micelles and Stabilization of Nanoparticles. Langmuir, v. 31, p. 3587-3595, 2015.

3)   Drinkel, E.; Souza, F. D.; Fiedler, H. D.; Nome, F.The chameleon effect in zwitterionic micelles: Binding of anions and cations and use as nanoparticle stabilizing agents. Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science, v. 18, p. 26-34, 2013.

4)   Fiedler, H. D.; Drinkel, E. E.; Orzechovicz, B.; Leopoldino, E. C.; Souza, F. D.; Almerindo, G. I.; Perdona, C.; Nome, F. Simultaneous Nondestructive Analysis of Palladium, Rhodium, Platinum, and Gold Nanoparticles Using Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence. Analytical Chemistry (Washington), v. 85, p. 10142-10148, 2013.

5)   Orth, Elisa S. ; Brandão, Tiago A. S. ; Souza, Bruno S. ; Pliego, Josefredo R. ; Vaz, Boniek G. ; Eberlin, Marcos N. ; Kirby, Anthony J. ; Nome, Faruk . Intramolecular Catalysis of Phosphodiester Hydrolysis by Two Imidazoles. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 132, 8513-8523, 2010.

6)   Kirby, A. J.; Medeiros, M.; Mora, J. R.; Oliveira, P. S. M.; Amer, A.; Williams, N. H.; Nome, F. Intramolecular General Base Catalysis in the Hydrolysis of a Phosphate Diester. Calculational Guidance to a Choice of Mechanism. Journal of Organic Chemistry, v. 78, p. 1343-1353, 2013.