About Florianópolis


Florianópolis is the capital of the State of Santa Catarina, one of Brazil's wealthiest per capita states. Florianópolis is modern and cosmopolitan yet enchanting and rustic at the same time. The island has 42 main beaches (each with a distinct neighborhood and personality surrounding it, so truly something for everyone), innumerable parks, natural reserves, squares, large lagoons, sand dunes, and much more. Florianópolis was founded on March 23rd, 1726. The main economic activities on the island today are tourism, commerce, public sector employment and fishing. The population of the island today is estimated at approximately 400,000 inhabitants.

The original foreign settlers (the island was previously inhabited by Brazilian Indians) were Azoreans, people from a small island off the coast of Portugal. Today you will find people of the most diverse parts of Brazil and the world, all of whom are attracted by the charm and beauty of the nature of Florianópolis, as well as by the high-quality of life, modern infrastructure and organization, excellent health care and school systems, safety and well balanced income distribution. The island of Florianópolis is located just off the southern coast of Brazil, connected to the continent by three bridges, one of which no longer functions but which is one of the post card shots representative of the city's rare balance of man-made and natural beauty (the large suspension bridge is reminiscent of San Francisco's famed Golden Gate Bridge and is quite stunning at night when lit up). The area of the city is appromitaly 436,5 square kilometers, being 424,4 square kilometers on the Island and 12,1 square kilometers on the continent. The climate in Florianópolis is very favorable, sub-tropical and temperate most of the year, with average temperature between 20ºC and 30ºC. The city is approximately 25m above of the level of the sea.

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