Prof. Dr. Eduardo Sidinei Chaves

Área: Química Analítica  
Telefone: 3721-3637
Sala / Laboratório QMC 215 (sala) e 207/211 (Laboratório)
Grupo de pesquisa Laboratório de Espectrometria Atômica e Laboratório de Análise de Resíduos (LEMA-LARES)
Currículo Lattes


Linhas de pesquisa:
  • Química Analítica Ambiental e Análise Traços
  • Desenvolvimento de Métodos Analíticos por Espectrometria Atômica


Publicações selecionadas
FONTANA, KLAIANI B. ; LENZI, GIANE G. ; SEÁRA, ERITON C.R. ; CHAVES, EDUARDO S. . Comparision of photocatalysis and photolysis processes for arsenic oxidation in water. ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY, v. 151, p. 127-131, 2018.

KOSERA, VITOR S. ; CRUZ, THIAGO M. ; CHAVES, EDUARDO S. ; TIBURTIUS, ELAINE R.L. . Triclosan degradation by heterogeneous photocatalysis using ZnO immobilized in biopolymer as catalyst. JOURNAL OF PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY A-CHEMISTRY , v. 344, p. 184-191, 2017.

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CHAVES, EDUARDO S.; DE LOOS-VOLLEBREGT, MARGARETHA T.C. ; CURTIUS, ADILSON J. ; VANHAECKE, FRANK . Determination of trace elements in biodiesel and vegetable oil by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry following alcohol dilution. Spectrochimica Acta. Part B, Atomic Spectroscopy, v. 66, p. 733-739, 2011.

CHAVES, EDUARDO S.; COMPERNOLLE, SIEN ; ARAMENDÍA, MAITE ; JAVIERRE, ETELVINA ; TRESACO, EVA ; DE LOOS-VOLLEBREGT, MARGARETHA T. C. ; CURTIUS, ADILSON J. ; VANHAECKE, FRANK . Processing of short transient signals in multi-element analysis using an ICP-OES instrument equipped with a CCD-based detection system in Paschen-Runge mount. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry (Print), v. 26, p. 1833-1840, 2011.  DOI:10.1039/C1JA10083A